Arpas y arpistas de la península

Marina Bonetti teaches Renaissance and Baroque Harp: L’Humor Bizarro (ENGLISH VERSION)

Courses, concerts and workshops organized by Il Teatro della Memoria, 11th edition Rome (Italy) August 1st – 8th, 2012.

(Translated by Isabel Abal)

Sacred and profane, those are the two extremes L’Humor Bizarro will be dwelling in-between during its 2012 edition. An edition that will delve into ideas from many centuries and whose highlight will be its final show: an interaction among vocal, dance, instrument and theatre students, all of them offering the audience the results of a hard week of practice.

Courses and workshops:

16th and 17th Century Court Dances: Claudia Celi
18th Century European Countrydances: Ilaria Sainato
19th Century Social Dances: Paolo Di Segni
Baroque Oboe: Angela Paletta
Harpsichord (august 4 to 7): Christopher Stembridge
Recorder: Marco Rosa Salva
Percussion: Ninad Massimo Carrano
Renaissance and Baroque Harp (august 4 to 7): Marina Bonetti
Renaissance and Baroque Singing: Angela Bucci
Renaissance Lute and Baroque Guitar: Federico Marincola
Theatre workshop: Lorenzo Pasquali
Ensemble Music workshop
 Qi Gong Seminar

Concerning the harp teacher, we can say that she has been playing historical harps for 15 years. She has also performed with renowned players and consorts such as G. Garrido (Enseble Elyma), J. Savall («La Capella Real de Catalunya» and «Hespérion XXI»), C. Rousset («Les Talens Lyriques») and L. Garcìa Alarcòn («Cappella Mediterranea»). You can watch her playing in this video:

The maximum number of students for each course is thus determined:

  • Harpsichordcourses: maximum 6
  • singing or instrumentcourses: maximum 10 per course
  • dancing courses: maximum 16 per course
  • theatre course: maximum 18

Students will be enrolled according to the order of arrival of the registration forms.

You can get all the information HERE


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