Arpas y arpistas de la península

New CD: “Ancient Vibrations” by Michael Levy (ENGLISH VERSION).

(Translated by Isabel Abal)

This past 18th of April marked the release of “Ancient Vibrations”, the new album from musician and researcher Michael Levy.
Michael Levy is a peculiar and original artist whose aim, ever since 2006, has been the study and re-enactment of the repertoire and the interpretative technics of the ancient world lyres. He bases his work on the study of any representation that may exist (sculptures, paintings, etc.), as well as in the very few musical examples that may have made it to our days from the ancient times of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome. At the same time, the study of the interpretative technics of ancient harps, which have been preserved in Africa, has become an interesting point of departure to understand the behavior of these instruments from long past ancient times. This job has immersed him in a feverish task that, as a result, has culminated with the publication of no less than 14 albums of  ancient lyres music in the span of just three years.

“Ancient Vibrations” is the last one of said albums. An album in which Levy shows us a repertoire of his own compositions, created specifically for the replicas of the ancient harps and lyres he plays. For this purpose, he uses some of the musical modes of the ancient Middle East, experimenting with them and, trying to find new sounds and sensations. This album includes original tunes created to be played on the archaic African arched harp, the David’s harp, and the biblical lyre. It also includes an interesting duet along harpist Rebecca Penkett.

You can get “Ancient Vibrations” through Amazon or CdBaby, and in CD-format through Reverbnation. You can learn a bit more about his job visiting his website.

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